Benjamin’s First Bite

My little boy, Benjamin, is learning to eat (baby food). It’s fun what we can capture with our iPhones–good job Camiwow. It gets better Ben, hang in there!


Outsourcing from India

I outsourced quite a bit of programming to a company in India back in 2011 and 2012 in order to get a jump start on the TrackThat software. The manager who helped me was a man by the name of Ashish Mahajan. He was a good person to know. Ashish helped us put together a development team of 4 quickly and effectively. The principle programmer we used was Sonu–he was a fantastic programmer (absolutely amazing). What I appreciated about their company was their flexibility. They scaled up and down according to my project needs.

Through Systematix India, we also built WordPress websites, Joomla websites, iOS apps, and Android apps. We did graphic design, SEO, software testing. Basically, if we needed to build something or do something, they could provide a resource to do it. This was my first experience (of many since) with outsourcing and it was a pretty positive start into that world.


Gord Bamford – Fans Choice Voting

My favourite country musician is Gord Bamford. He is extremely talented and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Gord has been nominated for Fan’s Choice Award (again). You can vote for him here:


Vote Gord Bamford

Steve Jobs

The movie “Jobs” (2013), starring Ashton Kutcher, is a great example of an idea. Watch it on a full stomach and let me know how you feel after you see the first few people who underestimated Steve Jobs. Hindsight is 20-20.